Frontier Virtual

Launch your flight simulation experience with the leading virtual airline in the industry, excelling in all modern aspects of the virtual flying arena.


We fly at least twice a week as a group, we have tours you can do at your leisure and we take part in lots of online events on Vatsim


We fly all over the world. Our tours will help you tackle some fun, and dangerous, approaches and explore the far flung corners of the earth


We are a friendly community of aviators. We have a busy Discord server where someone is always available to help and guide you.

About us

We are the leader
in the Virtual Aviation

The leading Virtual airline with the best flight simulation software to give you an elevated flying experience. Our aim is to match the real life counterparts that are involved with flying to the max! We believe that all our pilots are here, on frontier virtual because they chose to and we know how to make them feel like they’ve made their best choice.

We have partnered with the best flight sim communities in the world

What we offer for our pilots?

We, as Frontier Virtual, have carefully analyzed what a community needs, and fused them all into one and presented them to you

Regular Group Flights and Events!

Come join in on our regular scheduled group flights and events! We also encourage our pilots to set up their own group flights among the other pilots!

Powered by iCrew v4 Premium

Together with iCrewSystems we have put together a revolutionary and modern Crew Center loaded with amazing features to make your experience here enjoyable!


With over 120,000 routes in our system to choose from you will never run out of places to fly. The schedules get updated periodicly during the year.

SmartCARS Tracking

Our free tracking software is tried and true. It provides our pilots with a modern and functional tracking software to both track and bid your flights.

Hall of Fame

Do you have a great landing rate and want to show it off? Our hall of fame lists all of our top pilots which encourages our pilots to friendly compititions.

Advanced Weather System

Custom voice ATIS for every airport, Advanced weather information will keep you informed of the weather during your flights!






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What our pilots say about us!

What better advertisement than the truth? Take a look at what our pilots have to say about Frontier Virtual.

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Let's experience the flight together!

17+ pilots chose us, they loved it. We are confident that you'll love it too!